About Twin Bros Party Rental

Twin Bros Party Rentals was founded by a set of identical twins. Our names are Eric and Tim. Our company first started when Tim had an idea to open a party rental business. So we searched craigslist for a few weeks and found a package that we purchased which consisted of three tents, some tables, some chairs, and a trailer for a decent price.

We started renting out the equipment that year. Within that year we learned that renting party equipment would turn into a career for us. We enjoyed the task of setting up the tents and being outside. Also it keeps us in pretty good shape as well. But the real reason that we liked it was that it was a lot more rewarding to us then our previous jobs as electricians. Compliments were never really giving doing electrical work. We got them a lot setting tents up, but the one that stood out the most to us was when a customer said to the two of us was ” you guys actually care and that your not like most companies out there today”.

After a few years of renting equipment, our rentals changed from three rentals to one hundred rentals a week. Our company is at a bigger scale these days and it’s not just us anymore. We have a team that works together to accomplish everyday tasks.

Our mission is to make sure that each and every customer is taken care of with fair prices and great service. From figuring out their needs whether big or small, to booking the order, from setup to take down we are there. We are dedicated to making each and every customer happy. That’s what our company is all about. Without loyal and happy customer we wouldn’t be a success.

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